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Have you experienced obstetric violence, coercion, or malpractice related to reproductive health?

One of the pillars to a better, more just, reproductive healthcare system, is the transparency of practitioners and accountability of care providers. In order to hold care providers accountable and ensure that those working in reproductive healthcare are following evidence-based practice guidelines, it is imperative to report obstetric violence and malpractice when it happens.

We are here to help guide you through the process of filing a report with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HSPCA), the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as well as any foreign oversight body that needs to be contacted. This process can be intimidating, but we endeavour to make it more accessible in the hope that better reporting will improve outcomes for everyone in the childbearing cycle.


Whether or not you want to lay formal complaints, we are here to offer counselling and guidance.

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How to file a report with the HPCSA

Who gets reported to the HPCSA?

Doctors and hospitals themselves can be reported to the HPCSA. The Health Professional Council of South Africa is the regulatory body responsible for professional standards within healthcare (excluding nursing care).

While reporting healthcare workers and hospitals is not the only, nor even the most efficient way, it is a crucial step in demanding accountability.

  1. Download the HPCSA complaint form and fill it out. 
  2. Document your story in as much detail as possible. 
  3. Send both the complaint form and your story to
  4. Send a hard copy of both the complaint form and your story to 
    553 Madiba Street, 
    Arcadia, PRETORIA,
    OR Post to: P O Box 205
    , Pretoria, 001 


How to file a report with NARM

Who gets reported to The North American Registry of Midwives? Any practitioner who is currently or previously certified with, or training under the NARM PEP process is subject to grievance policies. 

Certified Professional Midwives as trained by NARM are not officially recognised as midwives in South Africa but still offer their experience and skills to their communities. If any CPM or apprenticing CPM is found to be practicing unethically, unsafely, and not in accordance with international standards for midwifery, then NARM should be made aware, here




How to file a report with SANC

The South African Nursing Council is the professional regulatory body for all nurses practicing within South Africa. Nurses are not under the control of the HPCSA and the nurses union often prevents hospitals from taking direct action in disciplining, retraining, or removing their nurses even in the face of evidence of poor care.

While this is not the only step in demanding accountability, it is an important one.

  1. Document your experience in as much explicit detail as possible. Include your contact details.
  2. Have your story certified at a police station. Take several copies. 
  3. Send an email copy to
  4. Send a hard copy to 
    The Registrar
    South African Nursing Council
    Private Bag X132, Pretoria, 0001, Republic of South Africa

See SANC’s website for more details.

Additional steps:

Lodge a complaint with the hospital or clinic with which you received care. 


I need help filing my complaint

If you’re unsure about filing a complaint or just need additional resources and would like some guidance, please email

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