Community Based Birth and Postpartum Doula Training

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Enrollment starts on January 31, 2021.


Course Description

This Community Based Birth and Postpartum Doula training will prepare you to work as a professional doula in many capacities within our community.


What is a Community Based Doula?

A community based doula is one who is trained and educated, not only in supporting pregnant people through the birthing process, but also helping people and families through the many milestones and road bumps of the childbearing cycle with a special focus in reproductive justice and advocacy.


Why become a doula?

With alarming rates of obstetric violence in our hospitals and rapidly diminishing options available for expecting families, more and more people are relying on doulas as their source of support and education. Studies have shown the important role doulas have in reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates, and we believe that everyone who wants a doula should have access to one.


What does it take to become a doula with EBW?

  • Complete the online course with an 85% or higher
  • Attend the in-person training workshop
  • Complete requisite contact hours
  • Complete all paperwork in the Training Manual and Certification Packet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a certifying course?

At the end of this course, after meeting all of the requisite requirements, you will be certified and registered as an Eden Birthworker Community Based Doula with a practice number and ID card.

The doula profession at large is unregulated, but we strive to create a framework and standard within our community. If at any time you wish to register yourself with another doula organisation, we are happy to forward your transcripts and copy of training paperwork to whomever you wish. Please contact us with any further questions.

How long does training take?

Training can be completed in as short as three months or take as long as three years from the purchase of the course. It is entirely dependant on how quickly you are able to get through the material, the in-person training and how soon you are able to acquire your contact hours.

We understand that most people have families and other responsibilities that they have to prioritise and we strive to make the training as flexible as possible to accommodate real life.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes! There are scholarships available to cover some or all of the course costs as well as tech scholarships to provide internet and computer access vouchers at local internet cafes/libraries. We understand that access to data and computers can be expensive and prohibitive, especially in the far flung places of the Garden Route or other rural areas in South Africa. We’re working to try and ameliorate that burden for those who can’t access this technology easily.

Scholarships are available at certain times of the year as funds become available. To enquire about and apply for a scholarship, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


What does the course fee cover?

Your course fee covers the following;

  • Access to the entire online course
  • Training manual and certification pack
  • The In-person training workshop
  • Doula-trainee ID Badge and lanyard, birth bag, and t-shirt
  • Access to monthly zoom meetings
  • Access to the online community 
Are there any additional fees associated with certification, not covered in the course fee?


At the end of your training, there is a fee of R500 to submit your final certification packet. This R500 will cover your final assessment, your registration as an Eden Birthworker CBD, and your professional ID card.

There is an extracirricular reading list that must be sourced by the student. Where possible we try to include PDFs and links to free eBook versions of required readings.

We encourage students to share resources, book swap, and support one another where possible. EBW also has a lending library that we try to make available for those training on the Garden Route.

Why train with Eden Birthworkers to become a doula?

We have worked hard to tailor a doula training program that addresses the issues we face here in South Africa, with a special focus on the Garden Route.

Larger international organisations have a lot of clout, but often fall short when it comes to the specific needs of our communities.

Our trainers have collectively assisted hundreds of pregnant people and families over the years in South Africa, both in the public and private systems, and know our local landscape of reproductive healthcare intimately. Armed with this knowledge, EBW has seen the importance of decentralising birth and reproductive care to bring it back into our neighbourhoods on a local level.

EBW recognises that birth is intrinsically political, and much more hangs on our rights around reproductive care and access than just creature comforts. Our human rights and self-determination in reproductive healthcare and childbirth are at stake.

We are also committed to creating training courses in line with the values of intersectional feminism. Our goal is to train doulas that uplift and empower birthing people across the country.

This is homegrown, grassroots doula training. Come be a part of the movement.

What are the requirements of certification?

The certification requirements are as follows:

  • Complete the 13 modules of the online course with an 85% or higher
  • Attend the in-person 2 day workshop
  • Complete the required 20 contact hours and attend a minimum of three births
  • Complete and submit all required paperwork
How much support will I have during this course from the instructors?

All doula-trainees will have access to the trainers/instructors through email support and can schedule zoom support calls as needed.

There are also monthly group calls open to all doula-trainees to ask questions, share their experiences, and be a part of the growing birth community. All doula-trainees will be given access to the discussion forums, where we will have regular discussions and community announcements.

Though most of this course is online, we do not want people to feel as if they are training in isolation.

Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • While the push to start a mostly online doula training program was to create greater accessibility to the content, we understand that data is expensive and not everyone has access to a personal computer. It is for this reason we have created a scholarship fund for those without access to data or a computer. We will supply data vouchers for trainee’s nearest postnet, 3@1, or public library. To apply, please click here.
  • All videos in this course will be captioned for hard of hearing/deaf students.
  • At the moment the course is only offered and facilitated in English, but EBW is currently seeking fluent speakers of any of the 12 spoken national languages of South Africa and Chichewa to duplicate this course, as well as to train trainers in these languages. For more information please contact
  • This training course is dedicated to gender-neutral language in reproductive care.
  • EBW is committed to being actively anti-racist and doing the work required to make doula care, and reproductive care in general, more just and kind. We welcome call-ins and recognise that we cannot see all of our blind spots. We appreciate our wider community for keeping us humble and educated.
  • If you have any other accessibility concerns that have not been addressed, please reach out to Our communities need doulas and we will do what it takes to make this training accessible to whomever is committed to the work.