Introduction to the Community Based Doula




We’re so glad you’re interested in making a difference for birthing people in your community. The Community Based Birth and Postpartum Doula training focuses on preparing doulas for a professional career in supporting people and families in reproductive healthcare.


This training will cover the following core concepts in depth:

  • Antenatal education, counselling, and appropriate referrals 
  • Appropriate labour and birth support in any birthing context and risk stratification 
  • Anatomy and physiology for the doula 
  • Medical terminology and procedures relevant to reproductive healthcare 
  • Politics and legalities of birth and reproductive care in South Africa 
  • The importance of tailoring care for at-risk and marginalised communities 
  • How to advocate for your client’s rights and autonomy during their healthcare journey
  • Advice and guidance for building your doula practice 
  • Record keeping, confidentiality, and  building a client relationship in a professional capacity 
  • Navigating the public and private healthcare systems 
  • How to help your clients write a comprehensive and appropriate birth plan for them
  • Preparing clients for the unpredictable nature of birth and building resiliency in the face of that
  • Postnatal counselling and referrals
  • Basic newborn care and support

Upon purchasing this course, you’ll receive the following:

  • Access to this entire online course, which includes 13 modules
  • Support from our trainers via email and zoom
  •  Access to monthly zoom meetings for doula-trainees for support, sharing, and case reviews
  • Access to the online community and forum discussions
  • Choice of date for the in-person workshop, where you will recieve;
    • Doula-trainee ID card and lanyard
    • Birth bag
    • EBW t-shirt
    • Hard copy of your training manual and Certification Packet

After graduating, we welcome you to the community!

When you’ve completed your training we hope to welcome you into the supportive network of birthworkers who practice and improve care on the Garden Route and throughout South Africa.


Course Guidelines and Syllabus
Extracurricular Reading List
Training Manual and Certification Packet Guidelines